Automotive Glass

Tempered Glass, TEMPERLITETM

Commonly known as corn broken glass or crystal glass. Used on glass doors, side glass and rear glass. Glass is hardened by the heating process to a temperature of about 650oC and cooled suddenly by squirting air into glass.

Tempered Glass has 3-5 times stronger than raw glass at the same thickness. In a case of broken, Tempered glass will shattered into small unsharp fragmentation. It reduces significantly the risk of serious injury.

"Mainly use for Side windows, Backlite & Sunroof , safe in event of accidents or glass breakage because it breaks into small unsharp pieces, it reduces very significantly the risk of any serious injury or harm.

Not recommend used for windshield glass, incase of breakage driver can not see the road clearly and the shard of glass can hurt the driver's eyes"

Main Uses

Front Door
Front Door
Rear Door
Rear Door

Laminated Glass, LAMISAFETM

Consists of three layers: glass + film (PVB) + glass.

Consist of two layers of glass laminated together with a film.
The strength of laminated glass lies in its film called PVB ( Polyvinyl Butiral Film) . This film is very strong and tough.
In a case of glass broke, the glass shard will still attached to the film.

Glass fragments adhere into interlayer and reducing the risk of the flying shard of glass into the driver's eye
Driver still clearly see the road because the fragments are only in the affected area of ​​collision.

Main Uses

Front Door
Front Door




The strength of laminated glass which lies on the film named PVB (Polyvinyl butyral Film). The film is very strong and tough. In the event of impact glass will remain attached to the film.


Safety glass in the car market in Indonesia, Asahimas using 2 logos:


Both are manufactured in Asahimas and quality is guaranteed by Asahimas. Together with the logo on the stamp is also used Asahimas quality standards.


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